Ram Mandir Chairman Addresses Water Leakage Concerns

Ram Mandir Construction Committee Chairman Nripendra Mishra addresses concerns of water leakage at Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, explaining current exposure and ongoing construction.

Sumit Kumar
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Ram Mandir Construction Committee Chairman Nripendra Mishra

By A Staff Reporter

Ram Mandir Construction Committee Chairman, Nripendra Mishra, addressed the recent concerns about water leakage at the Shri Ram Temple. Speaking to ANI, Mishra explained, "I am in Ayodhya. I saw the rainwater dropping from the first floor. This is expected because Guru Mandap is exposed to the sky as the second floor and completion of Shikhar will cover this opening. I also saw some seepage from the conduit as this work on the first floor is in progress. On completion, the conduit will be closed."

He further clarified that there is no drainage in the Sanctum Santorum as all the Mandaps have a measured slope for water clearance, with any water manually absorbed. Mishra emphasized that there is no design or construction issue, and that the open Mandaps were a deliberate architectural choice as per Nagar norms.