Rahul Gandhi Criticizes PM Modi's Leadership

Rahul Gandhi claims PM Modi's influence is waning, citing diminished public fear and internal issues within the BJP. He highlights a recent incident in Varanasi as evidence of declining respect for Modi's authority

Sumit Kumar
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BJP leader called Rahul Gandhi a 'Mir Jafar'

By A Staff Reporter- Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing critique of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, stating, "...Now nobody in the country is afraid of him (PM Modi). Earlier the chest was 56 inches, but now I cannot give the number, but it has become 30-32... His way of working is to scare people, to intimidate them, now that fear is gone."

Gandhi referenced a recent incident in Varanasi where someone threw a 'chappal' at Modi. "Before the elections, if someone wanted to hit him, there was fear, now that fear has ended. There are internal problems too, there are problems in their party, there are issues in their parent organization. So I want to say that the concept of Narendra Modi has been demolished by the opposition, it has been finished," he added.