Prem Singh Tamang Thanks Sikkim Voters After Second Term as CM

Prem Singh Tamang, after being sworn in as Sikkim CM for the second consecutive time, attributes his party's victory to fulfilling 2019 promises and prioritizing development and national security.

Sumit Kumar
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Prem Singh Tamang

Gangtok, Sikkim: Prem Singh Tamang, after taking the oath of office for the second consecutive term as Chief Minister of Sikkim, expressed his gratitude to the people of Sikkim for their overwhelming support. "I thank the people of Sikkim for giving us a thumping majority," Tamang stated during his address.

Reflecting on the reasons behind his party's electoral success, Tamang emphasized the fulfillment of promises made during the 2019 elections and the substantial development work carried out in the state. "The reason behind our victory is that we fulfilled the promises made in 2019 and did development work in the state," he said.

Tamang also highlighted national security as a top priority for his administration. Looking ahead, he mentioned Sikkim's upcoming 50th anniversary of statehood in 2025 and expressed his intention to discuss the milestone with the Prime Minister. "National security is our top priority. We are completing 50 years of statehood in 2025, I will speak to the PM on this," he added.