Pralhad Joshi Urges Opposition to Support Speaker Nomination Unconditionally

Union Minister Pralhad Joshi appeals to opposition leaders to reconsider their conditional support for the Speaker's post, emphasizing adherence to parliamentary traditions.

Sumit Kumar
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Pralhad Joshi

By A Reporter: Union Minister Pralhad Joshi addressed the ongoing discussions surrounding the nomination for the Lok Sabha Speaker's post, stating, "Today, we had to move the proposal for the post of the Speaker. Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah had a conversation with the leaders of the Opposition but they had a pre-condition to support our candidate for the Speaker."

Joshi explained that the opposition raised the issue of the Deputy Speaker position during these discussions. "When they raised the issue of the post of Deputy Speaker, Rajnath Singh said he would have discussions again when the Deputy Speaker is decided," he noted.

Despite the ruling party having the necessary numbers, Joshi expressed disappointment that the opposition intends to contest the nomination, calling it contrary to parliamentary traditions. "They (Opposition) are going to contest against us although we have the numbers, but this is against the Parliamentary traditions," he remarked.