PM Modi Emphasizes AI's Role and Cybersecurity at G7 Outreach

PM Modi's G7 Outreach Session address highlights AI's role in India's development, stressing the need for transparency, security, accessibility, and responsibility in technology.

Sumit Kumar
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By A Staff Reporter: Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his insights at the G7 Outreach Session, discussing AI, energy, Africa, and the Mediterranean. In a tweet, he stated, "Spoke at the G7 Outreach Session on AI and Energy, Africa and Mediterranean. Highlighted a wide range of subjects, notably, the wide-scale usage of technology for human progress."

Modi emphasized how the rise of technology in various aspects of human life has reaffirmed the importance of cybersecurity. He elaborated on India's efforts in leveraging AI for its development journey, highlighting significant advancements and applications in various sectors.

"It is important that AI remain transparent, secure, accessible, and responsible," Modi remarked, stressing the ethical and secure deployment of AI technologies.