NCP's PC Chacko on Priyanka Gandhi Contesting from Wayanad

Kerala NCP President PC Chacko comments on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra contesting from Wayanad, suggesting it's to fulfill a commitment and acknowledging the seat's safety. He calls for Congress leaders to contest from UP to strengthen the party.

Sumit Kumar
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Kerala NCP President PC Chacko

By A Staff Reporter- Kerala NCP-Sharadchandra Pawar President PC Chacko shared his views on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's decision to contest from Wayanad. "We have nothing to comment on it...Priyanka has made a commitment in Wayanad that her brother will look after the constituency. Indirectly, keeping up her promise might be the reason Priyanka decided to contest from Wayanad," said Chacko.

He added, "To my knowledge, Priyanka was not interested in contesting elections. But she is now contesting to keep the promise Rahul made and that it is a safe seat for her to come to Parliament. Priyanka Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi should show the courage to contest from UP. Only then they can further strengthen the Congress."