Muraleedharan Criticizes Vijayan's Progress Report as Mockery of Kerala Voters

BJP leader V Muraleedharan criticizes Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan's progress report, calling it a mockery of the people following the LDF's electoral defeat and attributing state troubles to non-cooperation from the Indian government.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
V Muraleedharan

Kerala: BJP leader V Muraleedharan has criticized Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan's recent progress report, describing it as a mockery of the state's voters who rejected the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in the recent elections. "The progress report of Pinarayi Vijayan immediately after people have rejected the LDF is, in fact, mocking the people of the state," Muraleedharan stated.

Using a vivid analogy, Muraleedharan compared Vijayan's actions to a student who has failed all subjects yet proudly presents their report card to their parents. "Someone who has got zero marks in all the subjects is gleefully coming in front of his parents," he remarked, reflecting on the CM's timing of the report.

Muraleedharan also recalled an incident from three days after the election results were announced, when Vijayan released his progress report. "I am reminded of the incident when three days after the result was announced, CM Pinarayi Vijayan came out with a progress report," he said.

Furthermore, Muraleedharan pointed out that the Chief Minister attributed many of Kerala's challenges to the alleged non-cooperative efforts of the Indian government. "After releasing the report, the CM says that because of the non-cooperative efforts of the Government of India, Kerala was put to a lot of trouble," he added.

Muraleedharan's statements highlight the ongoing political tensions and the divergent views on governance and accountability between the state and central leaderships.