K Suresh: Deputy Speaker Role Is Our Right

Congress MP K Suresh emphasizes his nomination for Lok Sabha Speaker is a party decision, criticizing the ruling party for not honoring the tradition of assigning the Deputy Speaker role to the opposition.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Congress MP K Suresh

By A Staff Reporter: On his nomination for the post of Lok Sabha Speaker, Congress MP K Suresh stated, "I have filed my nomination. It is the party's decision, not mine." Suresh highlighted the longstanding convention in the Lok Sabha where the Speaker is from the ruling party and the Deputy Speaker is from the opposition. "Deputy Speaker is our right. But they are not ready to give it to us," he asserted.

Suresh revealed that the opposition waited until 11:50 am for a response from the government regarding the Deputy Speaker position. "Till 11:50 am we were waiting for a response from the government, but they did not give any response. That is why we filed the nomination," he explained.