JMM MP Mahua Maji Demands UP CM's Resignation Over Hathras Stampede

JMM MP Mahua Maji criticizes the administration for the Hathras stampede, calls for UP CM's resignation, and insists on compensation for victims, highlighting the need for accountability and support.

Sumit Kumar
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Mahua Maji

By A Staff Reporter

JMM MP Mahua Maji voiced strong criticism regarding the Hathras stampede incident, holding the administration accountable for not managing the crowd effectively. "...When people more than the venue's capacity had gathered there, then the administration should have taken cognizance...The victims should definitely get the compensation," Maji stated.

She also called for the resignation of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, underscoring the demand for accountability at the highest level. "The CM of Uttar Pradesh should resign," she added.