Jharkhand Health Minister Praises Kalpana Soren's Election Victory

Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta commends Kalpana Soren's intelligence and determination after her election as MLA from Gandey assembly constituency. He expresses confidence in the government's future success in Jharkhand.

Sumit Kumar
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Banna Gupta

Ranchi: Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta lauded Kalpana Soren's achievements, particularly her recent election as MLA from the Gandey assembly constituency. Speaking on her swearing-in ceremony, Gupta praised Soren's intelligence and education, noting her transition from a housewife to a political leader after her husband's mistreatment and imprisonment. "Kalpana Soren is a very intelligent, educated woman. She was a housewife but after the way her husband was humiliated, tortured and sent to jail, she came out to fulfill her husband's responsibility and protect the people," Gupta stated.

He also expressed optimism about the future of the government in Jharkhand, asserting that they would secure a majority once again. "She has won the election from Gandey... In the coming time, our government will be formed again in Jharkhand and it will be with full majority," Gupta added.