Jaya Prada Acquitted of Model Code of Conduct Violation Charges

Former MP Jaya Prada expresses relief after being acquitted of all charges related to the violation of the Model Code of Conduct, thanking supporters and reiterating her faith in the judicial system.

Sumit Kumar
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Jaya Prada

By A Staff Reporter

In Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, former MP Jaya Prada expressed relief and gratitude following her acquittal in a case related to the violation of the Model Code of Conduct. "All the complaints made against me in the case of violation of code of conduct were found to be false by the court. I have always said that I am not wrong in any case," she stated. Prada thanked her supporters and emphasized her long-standing respect for the court and its decisions. She reiterated her innocence and expressed satisfaction with the court's verdict, which cleared her of all charges.