Himachal Pradesh Faces Drought Impact on Crops

Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Chander Kumar reports severe drought conditions, with temperatures reaching 43-44°C. Crop failures, including maize in Shimla, have resulted in significant losses for both farmers and the government.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Chander Kuma

By A Staff Reporter- Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Chander Kumar expressed concerns over the ongoing drought and its detrimental impact on crops in the region. "There is a drought condition in Himachal. The temperature is between 43-44°C in the lower areas," Kumar stated.

He highlighted that in several areas, including Shimla, maize crops could not be cultivated due to insufficient rainfall. "The farmers and the government are facing losses due to this," Kumar added.

The severe drought and extreme temperatures have exacerbated the challenges for the agricultural sector, causing significant economic strain. The government is assessing the situation and exploring measures to support affected farmers and mitigate further losses.