Forest Fire in Uttarakhand Claims 4 Lives, Injures 4 Others

A forest fire in Binsar, Uttarakhand, turned fatal as strong winds fueled the blaze, resulting in four fatalities and four serious injuries.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
 forest fire in Binsar, Uttrakhand

By A Staff Reporter:Tragedy struck in Uttarakhand as a forest fire in Binsar claimed the lives of four individuals and left four others seriously injured. According to Manoj Sanwal, Ranger of the Forest Department, a team of eight responded to the fire upon receiving information, but the situation escalated rapidly due to strong winds. The victims were caught in the ferocity of the blaze, leading to the tragic loss of lives and injuries. The injured have been urgently referred to the base hospital for medical attention. Authorities are investigating the incident further to ascertain the cause and prevent such incidents in the future.