Ex-AAP Leader Raaj Kumar Anand Alleges Anti-Dalit Bias

Former AAP leader Raaj Kumar Anand claims his Assembly membership cancellation is due to anti-Dalit bias, criticizing the party for an alleged discriminatory mindset.

Sumit Kumar
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Raaj Kumar Anand

By A Staff Reporter: In a recent statement, former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Raaj Kumar Anand expressed his shock and disappointment over the cancellation of his Assembly membership. "I came to know through media reports today that my Membership of the Assembly has been cancelled. I was not given any time...I have not received the order sheet yet. Once I get it, I will see it," said Anand.

Anand alleged that the decision was influenced by caste bias, stating, "I was made ex-parte because Dilip Pandey is a Brahmin and I come from a Dalit background...This is an anti-Dalit party, they have an anti-Dalit mindset. This has been proven once again and I had left the party due to the same...I could not go (to the Assembly) as I was unwell. But there was no need to make me ex-parte."