J&K DGP: Terror Threats from Across Borders, Vows Stringent Action

J&K DGP Rashmi Ranjan Swain asserts that major threats stem from across borders, emphasizes the need for information flow. Vows to modernize and eliminate terrorists and their supporters.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
 Jammu & Kashmir DGP Rashmi Ranjan Swain

By A Staff Reporter: Jammu & Kashmir DGP Rashmi Ranjan Swain highlighted the primary source of threats, stating, "all these challenges are coming from the other side of the borders." He emphasized the importance of information sharing, stating, "Here, we respond to every piece of information, including smaller ones, as we have such orders from GoI in Delhi."

Swain pledged to strengthen and modernize the security forces to combat the threats, stating, "We will strengthen our teams, modernize ourselves, and will eliminate each of them (terrorists)." He also warned against providing shelter to terrorists, asserting, "Those who provide shelter are least in numbers, and we will ruin them to set an example that whoever will think so will shake."

His remarks underscore the determination to counter terrorism effectively and ensure the safety and security of the region.