Delhi BJP President Alleges AAP Water Mismanagement

Delhi BJP President Virendra Sachdeva accuses AAP of water theft and black marketing, calling out Delhi Minister Atishi for political drama. Claims Haryana is supplying excess water to Delhi.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Virendra Sachdeva

By A Staff Reporter- Delhi BJP President Virendra Sachdeva has made strong allegations against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) concerning water management in the capital. Sachdeva stated, "Haryana's Water Minister has replied to Delhi Minister Atishi... Haryana is giving excess water to Delhi. Atishi is doing all this political drama to cover up the water theft, black marketing of water, and water selling business being done by AAP ministers and MLAs in Delhi."

The accusations suggest serious mismanagement and corruption within the AAP's handling of Delhi's water supply. Sachdeva's remarks come amid ongoing political tensions and highlight the need for transparency and effective governance in addressing Delhi's water issues.