Deepender Hooda: Haryana Gave Congress Highest Vote Share in India

Congress MP Deepender Hooda thanks Haryana voters for their support, highlighting that the state gave the Congress party the highest percentage of votes in India, resulting in five Lok Sabha seat wins.

Sumit Kumar
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Deepender Hooda

New Delhi: In a recent Congress meeting, MP Deepender Hooda expressed heartfelt gratitude to the people of Haryana for their overwhelming support in the latest elections. "In the Congress meeting held today, we have expressed our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the people of the state," Hooda stated.

Hooda highlighted the significant achievement of the Congress party in Haryana, noting that the state not only secured five Lok Sabha seats but also delivered the highest percentage of votes for the party across India. "Today in this election, the Congress party has not only won 5 Lok Sabha seats, but if the Congress party has received the highest percentage of votes anywhere in the whole of India, it is in Haryana," he emphasized.