Congress MP Selja Confident of Forming Government in Haryana

Congress MP Kumari Selja expresses confidence, stating people are eager to make an effort for assembly elections, anticipating Congress government in Haryana.

Sumit Kumar
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Congress MP Selja

By A Staff Reporter: Congress MP Kumari Selja from Sirsa, Haryana, voiced confidence, stating, "People are happy. The truth of BJP has come out because the people have made up their minds so. The people are eager here to make an effort for the assembly elections. Congress will form the government in Haryana..." Selja's remarks reflect optimism within the Congress party regarding the upcoming assembly elections in Haryana. She highlights the sentiment among the people and their readiness for a change in government. The statement underscores the party's determination and belief in its electoral prospects. Selja's assertion indicates the growing confidence within the Congress camp as they prepare for the electoral battle in Haryana