Congress Criticizes Lok Sabha Speaker for Disrupting Parliament

Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal criticizes Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, accusing the BJP of intentionally disrupting Parliament to avoid cooperation and dismiss public and opposition views.

Sumit Kumar
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KC Venugopal

By A Staff Reporter

In a surprising turn of events, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla's statement has drawn sharp criticism from Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal. Venugopal expressed shock at the Speaker's choice of topic, suggesting that the government intentionally disrupted the day's proceedings. "Our aim is to give a message to the country that BJP is not for cooperation. BJP is not going to carry opposition views. BJP is not going to carry the general view of the public. We are successful in those things," he stated. Venugopal's remarks highlight the Congress party's stance that the ruling BJP is unwilling to engage with opposition perspectives or address the broader public's concerns.