Chirag Paswan Affirms Govt's Commitment to Constitution, NEET Probe

Union Minister Chirag Paswan reiterates PM Modi's commitment to the Constitution and assures that the NEET investigation is ongoing, with actions promised against those found guilty.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Chirag Paswan

Delhi: Union Minister Chirag Paswan reaffirmed the government's dedication to the Constitution, stating, "PM Modi has said many times that the country will run on the basis of the Constitution... This government is running under his leadership." Addressing the ongoing NEET case, Paswan emphasized that the investigation is active and thorough, promising action against anyone found guilty. He asserted, "The government is not running away at all and we have nothing to hide... The government is ensuring that such an incident does not happen in the future." Paswan's statements aim to reinforce public trust in the government's transparency and accountability in handling critical issues.