Chhattisgarh BJP Chief Praises Modi's Decade of Transparency

Chhattisgarh BJP President Kiran Singh Dev praises PM Modi's transparent governance over the last decade and emphasizes the need to respect the people's mandate.

Sumit Kumar
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Kiran Singh Dev

By A Staff Reporter: Chhattisgarh BJP President Kiran Singh Dev has commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, highlighting a decade of transparent governance and significant developmental milestones. Speaking in Delhi, Dev remarked, "PM Narendra Modi government has led a transparent government in the last 10 years and the whole world has seen this. He has set new benchmarks for development."

Dev emphasized the importance of respecting the electoral mandate given by the people, pointing out the shortcomings of opposition parties. "The mandate given by the people should be respected and those who are making comments on us, themselves could not cross the 100-seat mark," he said, underscoring the BJP's electoral strength.

Dev's statements reflect the BJP's confidence in its governance record and its commitment to continuing its developmental agenda under Prime Minister Modi's leadership