BJP Odisha Holds Thanksgiving Ceremony for Double-Engine Government

BJP Odisha conducts a thanksgiving ceremony, celebrating the double-engine government with MPs, MLAs, and ministers. Discussions focused on the implementation of the party's manifesto.

Sumit Kumar
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Sambit Patra

By A Staff Reporter

BJP MP Sambit Patra described the day as historic for BJP Odisha Pradesh during a thanksgiving ceremony. The event, called 'Samvardhana Sabha,' honored newly elected MPs, MLAs, central and state ministers. Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi and other ministers expressed gratitude to the people for forming the double-engine government in Odisha.

The gathering highlighted discussions on the BJP’s manifesto promises and the strategies for their implementation in the state. Patra emphasized the party’s commitment to fulfilling its pledges and enhancing governance in Odisha.