BJP MP-Elect Karan Bhushan Singh Praises Modi's Historic Third Term

BJP MP-elect Karan Bhushan Singh from Kaiserganj expresses gratitude for being part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's third swearing-in ceremony, calling it a golden moment.

Sumit Kumar
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Karan Bhushan Singh

Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh: BJP MP-elect Karan Bhushan Singh from Kaiserganj has expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the people of his constituency for the opportunity to witness Prime Minister Narendra Modi's historic third swearing-in ceremony. Singh, reflecting on the significance of the event, stated, "People of Kaiserganj blessed me and gave me the opportunity to participate in a historic event (oath ceremony of the NDA Government)."

Singh emphasized the honor he felt being part of such a momentous occasion, marking Modi's third term as Prime Minister. "I consider it very fortunate that Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the PM for the third time, I was a part of that golden moment. It felt good," he added.

His remarks underscore the pride and support among BJP members and their constituencies, celebrating Modi's leadership and the party's continued influence in Indian politics. The swearing-in ceremony represents a significant milestone for the NDA government and its supporters nationwide