BJP MLA Agnimitra Paul Accuses Speaker of Bias in Permitting Protests

BJP MLA Agnimitra Paul questions the Speaker's refusal to permit BJP protests, accusing him of double standards and emphasizing their stand against the oppression of women in West Bengal.

Sumit Kumar
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BJP MLA Agnimitra Paul

By A Staff Reporter

BJP MLA Agnimitra Paul has criticized the Speaker for allegedly applying double standards in permitting protests. "Our question to the Speaker is that if you have permitted the TMC to agitate, why would you not permit us?" Paul asked, emphasizing that their protest is in support of the women of West Bengal and against their oppression, not in support of Sheikh Shahjahan.

Paul highlighted that they sought permission from the Speaker but were denied. "But we have to protest. So, we are here... Why is the Speaker playing a double standard game?" she questioned, underscoring the BJP's determination to continue their protest despite the lack of official approval.