BJP Leader Ranjit Singh Chautala Reflects on Hisar Loss

BJP leader Ranjit Singh Chautala remains positive despite losing the Hisar Lok Sabha seat, noting strong voter support and substantial votes.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
 Ranjit Singh Chautala

Hisar, Haryana: Despite his defeat in the recent elections, BJP leader Ranjit Singh Chautala remains optimistic about the support his party received from the electorate. Speaking to the media, Chautala commented, "We are still in people's hearts. People supported us. We got a good number of votes. It's okay that we did not get much." Chautala's remarks reflect his acknowledgment of the voter turnout and the backing the BJP continues to enjoy in Hisar, despite the electoral loss. His positive outlook underscores the party's commitment to engaging with and retaining the trust of the people.