BJP Leader Criticizes Bengaluru Government Over Dengue Management

BJP leader CN Ashwath Narayan criticizes the Bengaluru government's failure in managing dengue and chikungunya outbreaks, alleging ineffective mosquito control efforts and faulty diagnostic kits.

Sumit Kumar
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BJP leader CN Ashwath Narayan

By A Staff Reporter

Bengaluru: BJP leader CN Ashwath Narayan has strongly criticized the Bengaluru government for its alleged failure in managing the dengue and chikungunya outbreaks in the city.

"The government has completely failed to manage dengue and chikungunya. The mosquitoes are not dying even after spraying, and the spray itself is adulterated," Narayan stated. He further criticized the government, calling their efforts "helpless" and "useless."

Narayan also highlighted issues with diagnostic kits used for detecting these diseases. "Even the diagnostic kit for detection is not working," he added, pointing out the shortcomings in the health infrastructure's response to the outbreak.