BJP Alleges Water Wastage Amid Delhi's Acute Shortage

BJP Councilor Rajpal Singh raises concern over water wastage in Sriniwaspuri Ward, Kalkaji constituency, amid severe water shortage in Delhi.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
BJP Councilor Rajpal Singh

By A Staff Reporter: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has alleged water wastage in the Sriniwaspuri Ward of Kalkaji constituency, Delhi, amid an acute shortage of water in various parts of the city.

Rajpal Singh, BJP Councilor of Sriniwaspuri Ward, expressed his concern, stating, "This is clean water which can be used for drinking, in Kalkaji constituency, I am standing at Sriniwaspuri Ward's Sarai Jullena's multi-level parking 3rd floor. Lakhs of gallons of water are flowing here...the Delhi Water Minister is unable to utilize this water...90% of their government is in jail and their 2-4 people outside are ignorant. Through severe lakhs of liters of water are flowing and getting many families could get water from this?"

This allegation comes at a time when several areas in Delhi are facing acute water scarcity. The BJP has criticized the Delhi Water Minister, questioning the effectiveness of the government in addressing the water crisis.