Babulal Marandi Criticizes Rahul Gandhi's Campaign Tactics

Jharkhand BJP president Babulal Marandi accuses Rahul Gandhi of spreading misinformation about the Constitution and reservations, highlighting Congress's history during Indira Gandhi's tenure.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Babulal Marandi

Ranchi: At a recent press conference, Jharkhand BJP president Babulal Marandi criticized Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for allegedly spreading misinformation during the Lok Sabha elections. "The opposition leader keeps visiting different places with a copy of the Constitution. During the elections, he spread rumors that the Constitution will be abolished and reservation will end," Marandi stated.

He further accused Gandhi of hypocrisy, reminding the public of actions taken by his grandmother, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. "It, however, was Congress and Rahul Gandhi's grandmother who tried to abolish it and imposed the Emergency. She also imposed restrictions on media and jailed all opposition leaders," Marandi added.

Marandi's remarks highlight the BJP's ongoing critique of the Congress party's historical and current political strategies, framing them as misleading and inconsistent with their past actions.