Atal Setu Service Road Cracks Under Repair, No Traffic Disruption

Project Head Kailash Ganatara assures minor cracks on Atal Setu's service road in Navi Mumbai are being repaired swiftly without disrupting traffic, attributing them to settling soil near the gulf.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Project Head Kailash Ganatara

By A Staff Reporter- Kailash Ganatara, the Project Head for Atal Setu PKG 4 in Navi Mumbai, addressed concerns regarding minor cracks on the service road. He clarified that these cracks are on a temporary connecting ramp due to soil settling near the gulf. Ganatara assured the public that repairs are already underway and will be completed by tomorrow evening. Importantly, he emphasized that these repairs are not affecting traffic flow or causing inconvenience. This update ensures ongoing safety measures and maintenance of infrastructure integrity along the Atal Setu project site.