Amit Shah Unveils Tough New Laws Against Crimes on Women

Union Home Minister Amit Shah unveils new criminal laws prioritizing crimes against women and children, introducing harsh penalties including death for rape of minors and provisions for victim statements at home and online FIRs.

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By A Staff Reporter

Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced the implementation of new criminal laws, emphasizing a focus on crimes against women and children with stringent measures.

"We have decided the priority of sections and chapters in line with the spirit of our Constitution. The first priority has been given to crimes against women and children," Shah stated. He highlighted significant additions such as a new chapter with 35 sections and 13 provisions, introducing harsh penalties like 20-year imprisonment or life sentence for gangrape and death penalty for rape of minors.

Shah also outlined provisions for recording victim statements at their homes in the presence of women officers and family members, along with the introduction of online FIR facilities aimed at reducing the stigma and improving accessibility for victims. "We believe that a lot of women can be saved from embarrassment this way," he added.