Amit Shah Lauds New Criminal Laws, Replacing Colonial Legislation

Union Home Minister Amit Shah praises the new Swadeshi criminal laws for replacing colonial-era legislation, emphasizing a shift towards speedy trials and justice.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
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By A Staff Reporter

Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke on the implementation of three new criminal laws, highlighting a significant shift in India's criminal justice system.

"First of all, I would like to congratulate the people of the country that about 77 years after independence, our criminal justice system is becoming completely 'Swadeshi'. This will function on Indian ethos. After 75 years, these laws were contemplated upon, and when these laws are in effect from today, colonial laws have been scrapped and laws made in the Indian Parliament are being brought into practice," Shah said.

He emphasized the transition from 'Dand' to 'Nyay', promising that the new laws will ensure speedy trials and justice. "Instead of delay, there will be speedy trial and speedy justice. Earlier, only the rights of the Police were protected but now, victims' and complainants' rights will be protected too," Shah added, underscoring the holistic approach of the new legal framework.