Now 'Paws In Hope' is a nascent registered NGO

Akash Dutta
11 Oct 2021
Now 'Paws In Hope' is a nascent registered NGO

Paws In Hope is a nascent registered ngo, but our work has been ongoing since 2009. We were individuals helping community animals by feeding them, saving up to sterilize them. Fast forward to 2016 November , when we truly came together to raise funds for the adoption of two Indie dog sisters, to travel from Calcutta to Meghalaya to the most amazing home. That done, we banded together more determinedly to continue to raise funds to spay neuter community dogs and cats, to prevent horrific deaths and unimaginable cruelty. Since January 2017 we have supported the spay and neuter of over six hundred community dogs and cats. We also raise funds for urgent treatment of animals in extreme distress on the road. Many of our members feed countless animals every day, through every kind of weather.

We work closely with Mothers Heart, Ashari Hospital and Jiva Foundation, and believe that one dog or cat at a time, we will be the difference.

We invite you to join us in this journey to spread compassion.

Do follow us and our work on our Facebook page, called PAWS IN HOPE.