Abhishek's challenge to BJP

Pallabi Sanyal
New Update
Abhishek's challenge to BJP

By A Staff Reporter : Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee targeted the BJP after the Nodakhali review meeting.He challenged the BJP and said,"Politics before the vote, let there be competition for development after the vote. Bengal has set an example in the country for development." The central party came to the state for housing investigation.

He said about this, "The central team did not get any subsidy for the housing scheme in the state. There have been irregularities in the housing scheme in the BJP- ruled state. BJP is plotting to kill India without being able to capture Bengal. A fixed time has been fixed, if the center does not pay the money, the state will arrange the house. It is better not to say about the position of the Central Investigation Agency. Accusing the BJP government at the Center of depriving the state of 100 days of money, Abhishek said,"Bangla, the victim of central deprivation for 100 days of work, the center has withheld Tk 600 crore. All the other states have given the money, but they have withheld the money of Bengal. 17 lakh families of the state are in trouble without getting wages. The real beneficiaries are not getting the money for politics at the centre.''