How old is Kapil Muni Ashram?

Pallabi Sanyal
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How old is Kapil Muni Ashram?

By A Staff Reporter : Kapil Muni ashram is located on the banks of the Gangasagar.There are different opinions about the exact age of the temple.But this ashram is very old.It is said that Kapil Muni ashram is mentioned in the 16th century ancient Punthi Tirtha Tattva.A newspaper of that time printed a report on the Gangasagar fair on February 4, 1837.It was written that Kapil Muni's temple is approximately 1400 years old.

Surya dynasty king Brihadbola was killed in the battle of Kurukshetra.Bhagirath was his predecessor.There is a gap of 52 men between the two.1300 years of 53 men.Bhagiratha was a member of Sagara Raja's clan.The battle of Kurukshetra started in 1441.So, Bhagiratha existed by 2741 BC.As such, the age of Kapil Muni's ashram is determined.