Potato traders block National Highway near Burdwan

Pritam Santra
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Potato traders block National Highway near Burdwan

Traffic stood bumper to bumper for more than a hour on National Highway near Palsit in Burdwan on Wednesday morning after potato traders went on a flash agitation demanding compensation as their produce were damaged at cold storages and they suffered huge losses. According to local residents, vehicles were stuck resulting in long queues and inconveniencing people.

Burdwan police claimed that they had kept one flank of the road open for traffic to pass but people stuck in traffic however claimed that both sides were filled with vehicles stuck on the road. This is the second occasion in recent times when protesters squatted on National Highway and held traffic to ransom. Local residents and people stuck in traffic mentioned that police were mere spectators as the agitators took over the highway. The agitators were later pursued to clear the Highway.