Lots of fraudulent case are arised: Social Welfare development, Trinidad and Tobago

20/10/2021 07:18:05 AM   Sanchita Palit         1491

​By a staff reporter, I.E.TV, Trinidad: Dozens of cases of fraudulent activities arising from grants and pension payments from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services are currently engaging the attention of law enforcement officers in Trinidad and Tobago…
Confirmation on Tuesday from Line Minister Donna Cox in the Senate, as she noted there has been an over 200% increase in illegal activities reported to the police, a significant portion of which dealt with senior citizens pensions… She said despite the recipient’s deaths, most of the cheques are still being cashed in…the Minister also noted an increase in grant fraud as well. She said the situation is currently being managed by the fraud squad as a large number of recipients reside abroad.

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