Lil Nas X "Pulled A Lady Gaga" On The Red Carpet

14/09/2021 12:54:52 PM   Sanchita Palit         139

​By a staff reporter :

Once upon a time (read Met Gala 2019) Lady Gaga wore four outfits, one beneath the other and she revealed each in quick succession live at the fashion gala. Two years and a delayed Met Gala later, rapper Lil Nas X did something similar. He wore 3 outfits to this year's Met Gala, which is being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Let us remind you that Lil Nas X's headline-making Met Gala look comes just a day after he wore a half-suit, half-gown at the VMAs. This is the rapper's first Met Gala experience and he surely made it count, with shades of gold and Lil Nas-ness to say the least.

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