Viral Video shows Panjshir's Resistance Force Militants taking money from Taliban after surrendering

07/09/2021 16:10:28 PM   Sanchita Palit         301

​By a Staff Reporter:
Two people are standing near the gate. A bundle of big money in hand. One of them is coming in a row, they are being handed over the money. Such a picture was seen in Panjsheer. The Taliban are paying all the members of the resistance forces who have surrendered to the Taliban forces. One such video has been viral. On August 15, the whole of Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban as soon as it captured Kabul. But panjsheer's resistance forces did not bow their heads. The whole world was looking at Panjsheer. The whole world was eager to know how long the resistance forces led by Ahmed Masood could stop the Taliban and free Afghanistan from the Taliban. But that resistance stopped yesterday. The Taliban captured Panjshi.

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