A former cabinet minister turned BJP leader, several others allegedly lining up in front of Mamata door

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BY A STAFF REPORTER : After Sonali Guha and Dipendu Biswas, at least three prominent TMC turned BJP leaders are in back channel communication with their former party to crystallise their return on unconditional terms. TMC however is reluctant to take them back considering the fact that they had bad-mouthed Mamata Banerjee after joining the BJP. One of them is a former cabinet minister in the TMC government. According to TMC sources, he has offered an unconditional apology and is pushing his case with the top leadership.  BJP leadership has also resigned to the fact that there will be large scale desertions. The former cabinet minister who had held centre stage before the polls has withdrawn himself and is nowhere seen in any saffron party programme. Although there is a posse of central forces with him as security, he has almost denounced the saffron party. There are several other TMC turned BJP leaders including a few from North Bengal who are feeling uncomfortable and expressed their desire to return to their former party.

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