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By Ina Stasevic, Beijing, China: This week I watched the film "The Wandering Earth" in the cinema hall. The theme of the film seemed terrifying to me, and I would reduce the experience of the film to one sentence - the dangerous wandering of the Earth in the Galaxy. The film definitely made me restless and thought-provoking.

I hoped that peace could return to me if I became more familiar with innovations in the field of artificial intelligence - AI. Therefore, I visited Shijingshan District, an industrial area focused on development, industry and innovation. The mentioned area is located in the immediate vicinity of Beijing, where an industrial complex of high technology and digital creativity was built in order to develop the virtual world.

From the available data, I saw that the Chinese government is allocating huge financial resources for the industry in the field of science fiction to stimulate the development of that industry, strengthen research, and develop relevant technological capabilities. Due to its success in this field, China is a technologically dominant country. Despite significant dominance, China's ambitions for further development in the field of AI are very ambitious.

The Innovation Center of the Science Fiction Industry employs about 60 young research engineers who very efficiently manage complex systems that will become everyday in the future, making strong efforts to accelerate the transformation of our world. Seeing their digital creativity (smart seats for the pilot, co-pilot, server that expresses emotions, face scanning cameras... ) my fear of losing the current harmonious mix of different cultures, smells, colors, beautiful everyday life moments tripled. I have the impression that the wonders of technological innovation will soon significantly change life on our planet.

New information technologies and artificial intelligence will form a "new man" who will be forced to live in a space with new technologies.I fear that the future will bring us a loss of humanity!!

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