IAEA says no military equipment found in Ukrainian nuclear power plants

25/01/2023 07:24:53 AM   Aniruddha Chakraborty         16

BY A STAFF REPORTER: No military equipment is being stored in the Ukrainian nuclear power plants inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the chief of the UN nuclear watchdog Rafael Grossi told European Parliament lawmakers on Tuesday. His comments debunk previous accusations made by Russia. "This morning I instructed my teams to address a comprehensive review of the facilities in collaboration and in cooperation with the Ukrainian management of these facilities to ascertain whether there is, in fact, any military equipment in store or stationed or being moved there. And, of course, the results of those inspections was negative,” Grossi told the assembly in Brussels. “It's the second time that in a calm way, a technical way, the IAEA has been able to debunk accusations of illegal things, and very dangerous things, taking place in these facilities,” he said. Grossi’s comments come a day after Russia again accused Ukraine of using nuclear power plant sites to store Western-supplied weapons.

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