Let's take a small step to save nature

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There are some good parks in Kolkata which help balance the ecosystem. This park on Anwar Shah Road is one of them.

This jewel of a park is in danger of being destroyed. For the last 4 year the staircase or ghat and the surrounding walkway have been sinking.
Huge sink holes have appeared and the ghat has collapsed. It is no longer safe.It is am amazing biodiversity hot spot with white breasted water hens, kingfishers, parrots, sunbirds, orioles, pond herons, cormorants and many more. There are mongoose. civets, and water snakes.

The pond is teeming with fish which the children used to feed.The park has been awarded the best garden in Calcutta (in it’s category) over last four years from Agrihorticulture Society flower shows whil it was being held Lovingly maintained by me since 2006.The total apathy of the Authorities not comprehensible.Been from pillar to post trying to draw attention to it to carry out the repairs.

It’s almost that they want me to give up on it so that it can be built upon. The city needs parks.

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