Modi said, Hatti community will be added to the ST list

24/09/2022 15:07:22 PM   Aniket         98

By a Staff Reporter: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a big announcement for the people of Hatti community in Himachal Pradesh. He informed that the proposal to add Hatti community to ST list of the state has been approved. 

Himachal: Before Elections, Hatti Community Renews Demand for ST Status and  Puts BJP in Bind

He also said that, 14 thousand crore rupees have been allocated for the construction of national highways for the development of Himachal Pradesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that developing villages near the border areas of Himachal Pradesh will be developed.

Seeking tribal status, Himachal's Hatti community holds 'khumblis' in  Sirmaur - Hindustan Times

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