Bangladesh Awami League on honeymoon with China

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By M Sadrul Ahmed Khan,Squadron Leader (Rtd), Member Bangladesh Awami League, Finance and Planning Affairs Sub-Committee: 

Days after first world war the world was divided into two group, the rulers and the ruled. In other word it was called capitalism. The leaders of china decided to stand by the side of common people who were ruled by the then Chinese government. Communism seems to be the only option to face the capitalism led by USA and allied. At that time Russia was pioneer of Communism. So, the leaders of China decided to form communist party in inclination of Eastern Bureau of communist party of Soviet Union (Now Russia). CPC was formed in 1921 led by Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao.

Communist party of China came as a light of hope to the Chinese people. In a very short time, common people of China were united under the umbrella of CPC. CPC planned and worked focused on economic and political reform. Power of people toppled ruling government and established people’s government. People’s Republic of China or new china established on 1st October 1949 and stressed on food security, economic revolution and a strong military to protect motherland.

 My first interaction with leaders of CPC was back in 2011. I was in the Bangladesh delegation for Chengdu accompanying Hon’ble President Abdul Hamid (The then Speaker). There after I attended several seminars and bilateral meetings in China as a part of my official duty. I came to know the hierarchy of CPC leadership. I will discuss my understanding of the success of CPC in following para:-

a.   Cultural reform took place in 1976, this revolution made the Chinese people mentally strong to live with dignity and honor. CPC also established its commitment to provide better livelihood and social security to its people.

b.    Economic reform took place in 1978. China became hub of international trading hub due to excellent trade favorable policy set by CPC. Gardually China become leader in world’s trading, manufacturing and research. Robust growth of economy is the key strength of CPC.

c.    Food security were given top priority by CPC. With the successful introduction of hybrid varieties of rice China achieved food security. Later this hybrid technology were transferred across the globe which was also known as “Rice Diplomacy”.

d.    Education policy formed by the CPC were remarkable. State owned educational institutes, Same education standard in all the provinces these helped to push inclusive development.

e.    Due to continuation in forming government for more than six decades CPC could implement all the plans. As a result people of China are satisfied and bringing the same CPC government to power again and again.

f.     Flexible policy as per need situation. Once there were one-child policy in China, with change of time this policy was changed in two-child policy, now a days couples are allowed to take three children. The leaders of CPC takes decision as per situation demand.

g.     Construction of roads and highways were visionary decision of CPC leaders. Now people of China getting the dividend of those infrastructures. Manufacturing business boom in China because of good transportation. I believe if the Road and Belt initiative is implemented , whole Asian region will get dividend too.

h.    Finally I will say Chinese people treat CPC as a mother. In a family mother looks after children’s three time food, clean dress, tidy living room , timely and good education, medical care etc. Same way CPC ensures all these for its citizens. And people also choose CPC to form government again and again.

CPC is a huge institute , I think it is focused on to replace poverty with profit –based economy. It is a way of life where man, machine and equipment works in a harmony to maximize the production.
I am impressed by the people friendly approach by CPC. They govern policy for people , not push people for policy. This is the style of good governance.Members of CPC are focused on common goal, collective welfare, inclusive development.

 CPC is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a party and also forming government for more than six decades. The main reason of the party’s advancement is development, people friendly attitude and “people first” policy.

China is the first and worst victim of Covid-19 but the way CPC led China faced this challenge will be an example in the history. CPC proved the fact they are people’s own party Lets make the discussion short by taking an example of Wuhan. At the outbreak of Covid-19 Whan was lockdown for 76 days . The government ensured food , nutrition and medicine for the inhabitants of Wuhan. Food and essentials were supplied door to door. Health checking were done at regular intervals and infected were given proper care. Stadiums were turned into hospitals over night. CPC set an example of “people first” policy. As the demand were high then supply there were an acute shortage of me raw materials of Covid-19 drugs and health care equipment. CPC took emphasized on this sector and the maximized the supply. Later after fulfilling internal demand China exported these items to rest of the world. CPC high command realized that the world Covid-19 vaccines and there were no plan “B”. So they focused on research and produced vaccine too. This is a long story told in short how leadership of CPC turned a “pain into pleasure”.

Covid-19 has reshaped the Geo-political understanding. The world came to a sudden pause. In this pandemic CPC has come out with 14th Five Year Plan 2021-25. It is aimed to make China self-reliant and globally integrated, Key features of this plan includes:-

a.    Aimed at increasing GDP in growth and size.

b.     People’s well being and social security is a key sector.

c.    Energy production and proper distribution is in the list.

d.    Investment will be attracted by internal and external circulation of fund.

e.    Innovation , research and development is also in top priority.

f.    Green investment to combat climate change challenges are also included.

I think if the plan turns into action, it will be a new era of development. As like as CPC I am also looking forward to a tolerant, happy and safe world, leaving no one behind.

( The views expressed by the author are his personal and ANM News is not responsible for the content)

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