Weekly Tarot Readings: July 10 – July 16 Horoscope

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BY A STAFF REPORTER:  Aries: You must take charge of the course of your romantic life. Don't ignore your emotions and sentiments. Establish appropriate limits with your spouse. No matter how tough it is, communicate explicitly what you want from the partnership. You may be juggling deadlines and dealing with a shortage of resources at work. Your fear of failure and negativity may be harming your professional performance. Stop caring what others think of you. Examine your money practically.

Taurus: Don't hold back your excitement; pour fresh meaning and adventure onto your daily existence. You might want to enrol in a class and learn anything new. It is expected that you will make new acquaintances and expand your social network. You will like your work and be passionate about it. You will spend time in the workplace with your coworkers and attend events that allow us to be have joy while work. Those seeking for jobs may come upon work that truly fulfils them.

Cancer: Things may not seem right or a little wrong in your relationships, and you may feel vulnerable—even if you can't define what's going on. Avoid any unneeded confrontations or hostility. Working as a team will be difficult at work, and the team's disagreements will be so great that they will refuse to consider someone else's point of view. Someone might be talking about you and attempting to bring you down.

Leo: Perhaps you are unclear of what you desire, whether it is love, job, or both. It may become difficult to concentrate on just one item. You may be so caught up in a delusion that you disregard reality. If you really are single, you have the choice of exploring your prospects or choosing between two persons. Goal achievement and success are stated. Your efforts will be rewarded, and you will have a high social position and reputation at work. Someone with expertise and a solid foundation will provide you advice and help in your profession.

Virgo: Your previous hard work & efforts will be rewarded. This week will provide some favourable news in the areas of money, business, education, and real estate. That's the time you hone your talents and obtain some credentials. Pay attention and take a conscientious approach to your current projects/tasks. Keep an eye out for the developing chasm for both you and your relationship. Relationships may generate disillusionment, sorrow, and emotional anguish. It's time to make apologies and strive to improve things.

Libra: Relationships include harmony and collaboration, with equal giving and take. Friends and relatives will be there to help. This week is ideal for revisiting old memories and reconnecting with old acquaintances. There might be temporary financial difficulties, loss, and mental pain. You may feel alienated, as if everything and everyone is conspiring against you. This week, keep an eye on your spending and spend carefully.

Scorpio: There may be some difficulty in the relationship as a result of minor disputes and disagreements between you and your partner. If your relationships is in its early stages, you must be patient and devote more time to it. You may be considering a job and career move due to discontent. Be careful with your money, since there may be some loss of money. You should not make any investment.

Sagittarius: This week is a period of dedication, joy, and teamwork. You and your lover will have fun together. You have a decent probability of meeting someone if you are seeking for love. Financial prosperity and good fortune are predicted. There are financial abundance, and now is an excellent moment to invest. You would be resourceful and helpful to coworkers.

Capricorn: Relationships, employment, and financial concerns may be pulling you down. Your relationship will be serious and dedicated to you, yet it may well be demanding. Your position inside the company is likely to change; your authority or direction may be called into question. Maintain a cordial connection with your superiors and colleagues. Be cautious with your money and spending, and avoid making any investments. There will be even more work and obligations than you can easily handle at work.

Aquarius: Patience is essential in love and relationships; go with the tide and don't rush. For a solid foundation, you must devote effort and time into your connection. You might like to wait a bit longer before taking your relationship to the next level. You may feel trapped in your current work or profession, with no way out. Relationships with coworkers may be complicated and difficult. Be careful with your money; a tough scenario is predicted as a result of overindulgence.

Pisces: This week will bring you financial and professional success. Nothing will get in your way. Your intellect will be alert and concentrated. To reach or fulfil your goals, use the strength of reasonable and logical reasoning. Express your sentiments and affection to your mate. Make the first step and take the initiative; your sentiments will be pleasantly welcomed and returned. If you are single, you might meet someone through your job or company.

Kim Kardashian's Gala diet resulted in serious "psoriatic arthritis."                                  

According to People magazine, the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' actress acknowledged that she needed to see "a rheumatologist" for her "psoriasis," and that she was on "steroids."
Kim Kardashian, an American media personality and reality celebrity, said that she suffered from severe 'psoriatic arthritis' after dieting to fit into the legendary Marilyn Monroe gown at the 2022 Met Gala.
According to People magazine, the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' actress acknowledged that she needed to see "a rheumatologist" for her "psoriasis," and that she was on "steroids."

"Psoriasis flared up all over my body, and I had psoriatic arthritis, making it difficult to use my hands. I had to see a rheumatologist, who prescribed steroids for me. I was terrified. I took the meat out again, and everything has calmed down "Kim stated.

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