Market BOD Data:

23/05/2022 09:08:38 AM   Aniket         881

DOW +8.77

S&P +0.57

Nasdaq -33.88

Hangseng -232.24

Sanghai -14.80

Nikkei +173.47

SGX +1.75

USD/INR 77.55

EUR/INR 82.04

Crude WTI 110.89

Brent 110.71

Gold 1852.85

Securities in Ban for Trade Date 23-May-2022:






Today's Corporate Action Exdate:

1.DOLATALGO Interim Dividend - Rs 0.25 Per Share

2.COFORGE Interim Dividend - Rs 13 Per Share

3.CAPLIPOINT Interim Dividend - Rs 2 Per Share

4.CYIENT Dividend - Rs 14 Per Share

Tomorrow's Corporate Action Exdate:

1.KENNAMET Interim Dividend Rs 24 Per Share

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+91 98312 00699 / 82749 09974

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