Basic Instinct- Sharon Stone's inside story

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: She sat cross legged during interrogation and caught the world's attention. She claimed she was forced to expose her crotch without wearing panties for the block buster movie, Basic Instinct. 

Basic Instinct' at 30: A Time Capsule That Can Still Offend - The New York  Times

The 64-year old sensationally sensual actress Sharon Stone mentioned that it's all about sex in Hollywood. ``You should be ready to make love to him on screen. 

Sharon Stone Shares How Basic Instinct Scene Came About

They told me you know it would go better in the film if you did,'' Stone wrote in her memoirs. The Hollywood superstar mentioned that life in her times was like, ``either you play ball or get off the field, girl.'' She claimed that her previous manager had informed her that no one would hire her as she wasn't ``f**kable.''

Basic Instinct stasera in tv: Sharon Stone schiaffeggiò il regista -

 Sharon Stone also revealed in the book that she had to might for the lead role of Catherine Tramell in the movie as ``Micheal Douglas didn't want to test with me.''

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