Acharya Director Koratala Siva Says Kajal Aggarwal 'Withdrew Herself' from the Film Due to This Reason

25/04/2022 19:13:59 PM   Poulami Das         536

Reports have surfaced recently that actress Kajal Aggarwal’s role in the film Acharya, starring Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi, has been cut entirely due to director Koratala Siva’s decision. Since the trailer’s release, everyone has been talking about Kajal Aggarwal’s absence from the film. There have been some questions raised about her role in the film.

Koratala confirmed in a recent interview that Kajal will not be appearing in the film. The filmmaker has clarified what happened with Kajal’s role, just a few days before the film’s release.

The director revealed that he felt it was inappropriate to cast the actress in a role with no clear ending. He added that according to the story, Chiranjeevi doesn’t have a love interest in the movie. He discussed the same with Kajal, and she agreed to withdraw herself from the project.

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