Will a rudderless state BJP face more desertions in near future?

07/06/2021 12:42:18 PM   POULAMI DAS         221

The state BJP is house divided with TMC turned BJP leaders including a few MPs and MLAs have made a beeline to return to their old party.  Informed sources in the TMC informed that many former partymen who had joined BJP including MPs and MLAs are in touch with senior leadership. Speculations are rife that former TMC strategist Mukul Roy, Soumitra Khan, Rajib Banerjee, and many others might be toying with the idea of leaving BJP and rejoining their old party. Officially, Roy, Khan has vehemently denied the speculations while Banerjee has maintained a silence on the issue. Although other TMC turned BJP leaders are quiet, the saffron leadership in the state and districts admitted that they are in a state of disarray.

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